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    • Have you bought a dog or brought a puppy home and you are confused about what to do next…
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SPCA ApprovedWe are been blessed to have discovered Doggy Dan and his kind and gentle methods to assist us in Saving Lives of our SPCA dogs. Many of the dogs that come to us have behavioral problems that we need to deal with before we can safely place them in a ‘forever home’. Both SPCA staff and potential new families benefit from Dan’s simple method – a fantastic basis for living with and training your dog. Dan has given SPCA’s access to his video website to equip them with the tools they need to Save Lives – because dog aggression or just ‘naughtiness’ can mean the difference between life and death for a stray or an unwanted dog. Passing on this method to the new owners can also mean the difference between a happy homing or the dog being returned to us.

I fully recommend Doggy Dan and this method!

— Robyn KippenbergerNational Chief Executive for the Royal New Zealand SPCA